"The Prince of Rap Rap."


RapBorn and raised in Miami, Florida Y Bezzy, The Prince of Rap, started recording as a high school senior. One day a friend of his randomly told him to get in the booth. He was unprepared, but still made something out of nothing. He describes being in the booth as an unforgettable feeling. Shortly after he decided to take music more seriously. After recording “Nasty Girl” he realized how much momentum and feedback could come from such a controversial track. For this reason he has transitioned from solely writing to getting in the booth and recording “off top”, saying whatever comes to mind in that very moment. As an artist Y Bezzy is a powerful asset all around. Y Bezzy’s genuinely approachable manner helps his persona as a rapper. Not only is he creative, consistent, and strong willed but he’s also very relatable, making it easy to market his brand.Y Bezzy attests his musical influence to musicians like Tupac, Lil Wayne, The Hotboys, Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie, John Mayer, Lloyd, & Ashanti. What he respects most about these specific artists are their storytelling abilities. Y Bezzy can be compared to these artists in a sense that he too has personalized his artistry by telling stories about his real life experiences. Through lyrical imagery he expresses himself, gathering inspiration and ideas from his everyday life. For this reason he is able to connect with his fans.Now that Y Bezzy and BG Records have released “Boobie World”, his seventh in-studio project, they uphold a strong internet presence. Y Bezzy dedicates this compilation of songs to his cousin Boobie, who passed away. He holds this project in high regards and intended for it to be a clear portrayal of his lifestyle. BG Records strives for the completion of ten Y Bezzy projects. Y Bezzy, The Prince of Rap, plans to see his music charting in the near future. Chasing success for the betterment of his family and his team is his number one priority. Listen to Y Bezzy’s album “Boobie World” on all streaming platforms and follow him on his official social media pages!


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